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Hiring the right people for the right job ranks as one of the top five challenges facing business owners, but did you know that your HVAC system can play a significant role in retaining those employees? As a light commercial business owner in the New Orleans area, you need to recognize that your HVAC system affects productivity in three ways: temperature, air quality, and downtime.

Some Like It Hot, Some Like It Cold

Research shows that temperature substantially impacts employee productivity. Men and women prefer different temperatures, and special needs for lighting, computers, and other equipment compounds the temperature problem. New advancements such as ductless air conditioning and smart thermostats help you manage temperature inconsistencies and create an environment where everyone can be comfortable and productive.

Healthy Air Means Healthy Employees

Poor indoor air quality, and the headaches, drowsiness, and respiratory symptoms it triggers can reduce employee productivity by up to 9 percent. In a light commercial business, that can be the difference between success and eking by. Monitoring your air filters, installing an air purifier, and seasonal tune-ups are excellent ways to increase your indoor air quality and reduce employee time off due to illness.

Regular HVAC Maintenance Reduces Downtime

It’s hard for employees to be productive when the HVAC system stops working. They’re either lethargic and irritable from the stifling summer heat or trying to stay warm in cooler weather. An HVAC breakdown can also seriously affect equipment to the point of a system failure that stops production entirely. Regular HVAC maintenance ensures peak efficiency of your equipment and helps avoid unexpected breakdowns that halt production or provide the perfect opportunity for employees to take extended breaks or leave early.

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