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Fontenot’s Air Conditioning & Heating specializes in providing outstanding HVAC services to residential and small business customers in Acadiana. Family-owned and operated since 2007, we adhere to time-honored values such as honesty, integrity, and fairness. Ever since we opened our doors, we’ve made our customers our No. 1 priority, and we’re proud to establish long-lasting relationships with our Acadiana neighbors.


Whether the need is for a furnace repair, heat pump installation, or a fast answer to humidity problems, our Lafayette neighbors will appreciate our excellent service. We offer fast responses for emergencies, and our skilled technicians can fix and maintain all models of residential and small business comfort systems.

We back up our exceptional service with outstanding customer satisfaction guarantees. From a 12-year compressor warranty to our two-year guarantee on installations, Lafayette residents can be confident they’re getting quality products and first-rate craftsmanship.


We recognize that a heating and cooling system is a significant investment. As a result, Youngsville homeowners and small-business owners sometimes ignore the signs that their equipment is beginning to fail.

Whether you need an HVAC replacement or a new installation, our comfort specialists are there to help. We take the time to analyze your energy demands and complete an accurate load calculation so that we can customize solutions that match your needs. Our technicians expertly install your equipment, make sure it’s working correctly, and follow up with a phone call to make sure you’re satisfied. To help offset the cost, we offer specials on the cost of new installations. We strive to make the whole process smooth, stress-free, and rewarding.


Broussard summers are hot and stifling, which makes efficient air conditioning a necessity. Fontenot’s Air Conditioning & Heating services are the best in Broussard. Our comfort specialists can design a cooling system that meets your needs, provide expert installation so that your equipment operates efficiently, and quickly repair all HVAC brands so that downtime is reduced to the bare minimum.

To make sure your AC unit is ready to go in the spring and to help avoid unexpected breakdowns during the cooling season, we offer comprehensive, affordable maintenance plans designed to protect Broussard pocketbooks as well as equipment.

Although winter seldom brings frigid temperatures to the area, folks in Broussard will find that we are equally committed to providing outstanding heating services. The heat pumps and furnaces we install will keep you cozy when the temperature dips. Should you need a heating repair, we’ll be at your door in a jiffy. In most instances, we can complete your heating in repair in one visit.

Professionals At Your Service

If you have a home or business in Broussard, Lafayette, Youngsville, LA or the surrounding Acadiana area, and want a professional HVAC company to handle your HVAC needs, we invite you to fill out our online contact form or call us. You’ll find our knowledgeable comfort specialists are eager to talk with you and help enhance your comfort all year long.

Communities and Surrounding Areas That We Serve

  • Lafayette
  • Broussard
  • Youngsville
  • Maurice
  • Scott
  • Carencro
  • Breau Bridge
  • Church Point
  • Milton

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