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For millions of Americans, our four-legged furry friends are more like family members. While there’s nothing more endearing than coming home to your beloved dog or family cat eagerly awaiting your arrival, there is a chance that those same family pets are damaging the indoor air quality in your Broussard, Louisiana home. There are steps you can take to minimize the impact of your pet on your home’s indoor air quality.

Something in the…Hair?

You know that your pet sheds; a cursory glance at your furniture or your vacuum cleaner will tell you that if you weren’t aware already. However, the trail of hair that your pet can leave around your home may be doing more than simply causing a nuisance when you clean.

While you can see the hair that your beloved pet is leaving on your furniture, there’s a strong likelihood that your pet is also producing hair and dander that is circulating in your HVAC system. This can greatly diminish the indoor air quality of your home, posing potential health risks.

More Than Hair Allergies

No matter how well trained Fluffy or Fido are, they can still have accidents. What many people fail to realize is that pet hair and dander aren’t the only things that an individual can be allergic to.

No matter how well trained they may be, pets have accidents indoors from time to time. In addition to those issues, saliva can also cause allergic or even asthmatic reactions. Training is important for anyone with pets, but quickly cleaning up accidents is also paramount.

What Can I Do To Improve Indoor Air Quality?

In addition to proper housekeeping and good pet care, there are items on the market that can purify and filter your air before it ever reaches the lungs of your family. It is highly advised that anyone that shares their home with pets take steps to have air cleaners and air purifiers installed in their home. The presence of these items, along with regularly changed filters, can ensure that your family is safe and your pets are still a vital part of your home.

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