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A commercial HVAC system is typically referred to as undercharged when the total of refrigerant is lower than the recommended factory-set level. A system with more refrigerant than the recommended factory-set level is usually known as overcharged. Here are three reasons why it’s essential to assess any undercharge or overcharge of your HVAC system in Youngsville, LA.

Saves on Commercial HVAC Costs

Overcharging increases the cost of operation by driving up the quantity of energy your compressor uses. Both undercharge and overcharge conditions decrease the efficiency of compressors, leading to higher operating costs.

Evaluating both situations and contacting a qualified technician to service your system regularly will keep your equipment work properly. You’ll have much less need for costly repairs.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Both undercharging and overcharging of your HVAC system will significantly affect your indoor air quality. It is essential to notice when the air in your home feels muggy because it’s more humid than usual. A technician can help you achieve good indoor air quality to make your home comfortable.

Prevents the Compressor Motor From Overheating

The condenser contains refrigerant that turns from vapor to liquid as it flows, giving off heat. Overcharging warms the air and pushes it out of the condenser unit.

If you suspect overcharging, call a technician who can determine whether the compressor’s discharge temperature is a cause for concern. If so, he or she can take steps to keep your compressor motor from overheating and possibly burning out completely.

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