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Because heating and cooling account for nearly half of a home’s energy expense, Youngsville, LA residents are increasingly attentive to ways they can control costs and save money. The good news is that new HVAC technology means better comfort and greater energy efficiency for Youngsville residents.

Variable Speed Motors

Variable speed motors automatically adjust to the demands of real-time climate conditions. They’re energy efficient because they run most of the time on low setting, kick into high gear when temperatures become extreme and then return to the lower setting when conditions abate. Variable speed motors provide steady temperatures and greater humidity control, both of which enhance your comfort.

Smart Thermostats

The Wi-Fi technology behind smart thermostats means that you can control your comfort — and energy efficiency — from anywhere via a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Unlike traditional thermostats that require you to be home to change the temperature setting, smart thermostats let you manage your HVAC system from anywhere you can connect to the internet.

Smart thermostats can learn your habits and automatically adjust the temperature based on your lifestyle; they can also make adjustments based on humidity and climate conditions. Some smart thermostats provide reports that give you a handle on how you can save money by decreasing energy consumption.

Zoned Heating And Cooling

Zoning allows you to separate your home into zones and control the temperature individually in each zone. This precise control means that you can heat or cool each zone to the ideal temperature. You can also close off rooms when not in use so that you don’t waste energy. Ductless mini-splits are an ideal way to achieve energy efficiency through zoning.

HVAC technology will continue to evolve, and our comfort specialists at Fontenot’s Air Conditioning & Heating will be at the forefront. To learn more about the innovative and energy-efficient products we offer at Fontenot’s, give us a call today.

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