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There are times when an AC technician can correct an air conditioning problem by repairing the hardware, and there are other situations when its best to buy a brand-new system. In this guide, we present a list of signs and symptoms that will help you identify when an AC repair is needed.

Delayed Cold Air

When you power up your air conditioning system, cold air should flow out of the vents within a few short seconds. If the air is somewhat warm for a while before it gets cold, the unit has a problem.

You won’t need to buy a new system if a little refrigerant is needed. After adding refrigerant, the system’s cooling capabilities will be restored.

Increased Moisture Indicates an AC Repair

During the spring and summer, an air conditioning system will generate some moisture as it pulls humidity from the air. If an air conditioner is in optimum shape, it will continue to perform at a high level as this happens.

Whenever there is a lot of blockage in the condensate line, the hardware will underperform, and this will strain other parts of the system. Check the end of the condensate line outside near the condenser. If your AC is on and this pipe isn’t dripping water, chances are there is a blockage.

AC Repair for Odd Sounds

As an air conditioner cools or heats a home, it will generate sounds. You should only hear these sounds while you’re very close to the outside unit. If you can hear loud noises clearly from a distance, your AC system has a problem with a belt, motor or lose assembly. An experienced technician will be able to diagnose the issue and correct the problem.

Strong Odors

A strong odor is another sign that means your air conditioner needs attention. If your unit emits a burnt smell, power it down immediately and call us right away.

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