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From the common cold and flu to chickenpox and strep throat, many illnesses are caused by airborne contagions. Even worse, these harmful pathogens can often thrive in homes with poor indoor air quality. Protecting your family from these invisible invaders starts with finding effective air purification solutions for your Lafayette, LA home.

How Poor Air Quality Imperils Your Health

In order to be energy-efficient, most homes in the area are built to be relatively airtight. Unfortunately, this has the unintended consequence of sealing in particulates, volatile organic compounds and other contaminants. These pollutants can cause health issues that range from minor and temporary to chronic and potentially life-threatening. Worse still, the conditions inside most homes are favorable for the survival of pathogens. Once airborne, bacteria and viruses can easily enter unprotected HVAC systems and rapidly spread.

Protect Your Home With Air Purification

When it comes to dealing with poor indoor air quality and disease-causing pathogens, standard air filters simply won’t cut it. Instead, eliminating the most insidious airborne particles requires a high-efficiency air purification system. The most effective air cleaners can remove up to 99.98% of airborne particles, harmlessly trapping everything from bacteria to benzene.

Lighting the Way to Better Health

From mold spores to viruses and bacteria, many of the most hazardous air quality threats are biological. Air purifiers can effectively eliminate most of these, but what about the pathogens that can’t be removed? For more complete protection, consider adding a UV light system. Ultraviolet light is extremely effective at killing or neutralizing airborne pathogens and other biological pollutants within your HVAC system. In fact, studies have shown that UV light is over 99.99% effective at inactivating the aerosolized viruses that cause influenza and other illnesses.

You deserve to know that your home is a safe and healthy place for your family. At Fontenot’s Air Conditioning & Heating, we have the products and expertise to help give you that peace of mind. To learn more, check out our indoor air quality services or call 337-706-9469.

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