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An Acadiana holiday checklist might include looking at lights, greeting Santa Claus, juggling party dates, decking the halls and stocking up on comfort foods like cookies and boudin balls. This year, your to-do list should also include performing HVAC maintenance on your home heating system. Make a little time to give your house and heater some TLC before your calendar gets too busy.

Check Your Home Air Filter

Set up a reminder to check the air filters once a month. A clogged, dirty filter can bring higher utility bills since your heater has to work harder to force the air through. Not only does this make the system less efficient, but it can also lead to a breakdown and emergency heating repair due to the extra wear and tear on the unit.

Keep the Vents Clear

As you put up your decorations, make sure you aren’t blocking the air vents with your tree, garland and other trimmings. Candles and other heat sources should also be kept away from the thermostat to avoid tricking the system into thinking the house is warmer than it is.

Arrange for Preventive Maintenance

Heating systems should be tuned up once a year to keep them running their best. A qualified HVAC maintenance technician looks for worn parts, checks drain lines, tightens loose connections and more. The appointment includes a full safety inspection, which is especially important to do annually if you have a gas-fueled furnace, says the Centers for Disease Control. Your family’s health and safety are at risk if your gas furnace falls into disrepair.

Don’t neglect your Louisiana home’s HVAC this winter. For more information about preparing your Lafayette or Broussard area heating system for winter, visit the Fontenot’s Cooling & Heating maintenance page or call 337-706-9469. Put your comfort in our hands this holiday season.

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