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As we enter peak hurricane season, you may be concerned about what a storm could do to your home. When a hurricane strikes, your HVAC systems are some of the most vulnerable parts of your house. Between high winds, wind-blown objects, exposure to water and power surges, a hurricane can wreak havoc on your air conditioner, heat pump or furnace. Here’s what you need to do to make sure your HVAC system is protected.

Securing Your Systems

The first step toward securing your HVAC system is to remove any trash or debris from the vicinity of the system. This is a good idea in any event because it helps energy efficiency, but it’s an essential part of hurricane prep because those objects could easily be blown into your HVAC system by hurricane-force winds. Securely fasten all of your outdoor equipment with tie-downs or protective cages. Finally, check the projected flood elevation for your area and talk to an air conditioning professional about getting an elevated platform for your HVAC system if needed.

Stopping Power Surges

Before the hurricane strikes, the best way to prepare for a power surge is to cool down your house by setting the thermostat slightly lower than your usual temperature. Once the hurricane begins, you need to shut off all of your HVAC systems to prevent damage caused by power surges. Heavy rain and strong winds can cause power levels to fluctuate and even knock out power completely, and the resulting power surge can damage your compressor and other internal components. When power is restored, turn on your appliances one at a time to minimize the risk of a surge.

At Fontenot’s Air Conditioning & Heating, we have extensive experience helping families throughout Acadiana take care of their HVAC systems during hurricane season and throughout the year. To learn more, check out our air conditioning repair solutions online or call (337) 706-9469.

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