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Indoor Air Quality Services and Products for Broussard, Lafayette, and Surrounding Areas in Acadiana

Indoor Air Quality Services

Thanks to advanced construction methods used by today’s building industry, your home and business is sealed tighter than ever. Those same advanced techniques, however, mean that indoor pollutants have no way to escape and get trapped inside. In a typical tightly sealed home, it can take between four and 10 times longer to replace indoor air with fresh air from the outside.

On the flip side, many of the older buildings in the New Orleans area have air leaks in ductwork and around doors and windows. These leaks provide an entryway for outside pollutants such as pollen and fumes to seep into your home. In these situations, the “fresh” air coming in might not be so fresh after all.

At Fontenot’s Air Conditioning & Heating, we recognize the need for a healthy, safe indoor environment, free from contaminants that adversely affect the health of those you love. From stale, stinky air to problems with humidity, our trained comfort specialists can successfully take on any indoor air quality challenge that confronts our neighbors.

Health Consequences from Dirty Indoor Air

Research shows that pollution levels inside your home can greatly exceed the hazards found in outdoor air. These microscopic indoor irritants trigger headaches, fever, bronchitis, and flu. Long-term, these contaminants can lead to chronic asthma and other respiratory illnesses, nagging colds, and even cancer.

Sources of Indoor Contaminants

You might think the air inside your home or business is safe, but if you could see what’s floating around, you would cringe. Indoor air pollution stems from everyday activities such as cooking and cleaning and common household products such as furniture polish and cologne. Gas and propane ranges, carpeting and rugs made from synthetic fibers, and oven cleaners and furniture glue are among the better-known sources of indoor pollution. Permanent press clothing, scented candles, and air fresheners are a few sources that you don’t typically associate with bad indoor air.

Breathe Easier with IAQ Products from Fontenot’s Air Conditioning & Heating

Your home should be a haven for you and your family, or your employees, not something that makes you uncomfortable or sick. To protect you and your loved ones, we offer a variety of IAQ products that clean, deodorize, and disinfect the air inside your home:

  • Air cleaners
  • Air purifiers
  • Air humidifiers
  • Ventilators

Professional IAQ Services

When you consider that as Americans we spend about 90 percent of our time indoors, it’s easy to see why Fontenot’s Air Conditioning & Heating takes such a serious approach to indoor air quality. We bring over 20 years of experience to the table, so you can count on us to deliver practical, professional solutions for your IAQ problems. We’ll pinpoint problem areas and provide an ideal solution for your specific need.

From whole-home filtration systems to ventilators and humidifiers, our goal is to improve the safety and comfort of your indoor environment. We are family-owned and operated and offer our services 7 days a week to homeowners and small business owners in Lafayette, Broussard, Youngsville and the surrounding areas in Acadiana, LA. We provide prompt and professional service. Your 100-percent satisfaction is guaranteed. If you want to turn your home in Lafayette, Youngsville, Broussard, LA and surrounding area in Acadiana into a healthy, pollutant-free haven, Fontenot’s Air Conditioning & Heating can help.

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