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When your heat pump’s efficiency gives you concern, don’t assume that it’s time to invest in a replacement pump. New heat pump installation is an option for older or severely damaged pumps, but many causes of inefficiency have more affordable solutions. Even if you’re happy with your pump’s performance right now, it’s good to educate yourself on the top heat pump malfunctions as the cold season moves into Broussard, Louisiana.

Lack of Heat

There are five potential problems if your thermostat is on the heat setting but you don’t feel air coming from your vents:

  • Your thermostat is turned off or isn’t on the heat setting. Check the settings to make sure another member of your household didn’t make a surprise adjustment.
  • Your thermostat is malfunctioning or was improperly installed. This often applies when a new thermostat was installed. Make sure the thermostat was designed for heat pumps and was wired in properly.
  • Your circuit breaker box was tripped, so no electricity is flowing to the pump or the thermostat. Check your breakers.
  • Your filter is dirty. Try changing it and implementing a schedule to ensure timely changes moving forward. Clogged filters may also lead to unusual cycling of the heat pump.
  • Outdoor coils or other parts need cleaning. It’s best to call for professional assistance if you believe this is the problem.

Cold Air

Are your vents blowing cool air? That can lead to cold nights during Broussard’s chilly season. Start troubleshooting by turning the thermostat to the emergency heat setting. If your vents blow warm air while on that setting, you likely need to call our technicians for a service call.

You may also look at the coils on your outdoor unit. If they’re dirty or covered in ice, you may need a professional cleaning.

Unexplained Noises

Pumps can make noises at times, but unusual or consistent noises are cause for concern. You may have motor bearings in need of a professional cleaning or a low refrigerant charge. We recommend you turn your pump off and contact Fontenot’s Cooling and Heating for an emergency service call. It’s better to have a trained professional diagnose the problem than to continue using the pump and risk complete failure.

To learn more about heat pump installation and repair in Broussard, LA, give us a call at (337) 706-9469.

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