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As you transition to cooler temperatures, heat pump and furnace maintenance probably don’t rank high on your list of fun fall things to do. But with fall officially here, winter isn’t far behind. Here are three excellent reasons why it’s a good idea to prepare your Broussard, LA, heat pump or furnace for colder weather.

Reduces The Chance of A Mid-Winter Breakdown

Discovering a problem with your heating system on a cold winter night is an experience we hope you don’t encounter. Wouldn’t you rather find and fix a small problem before it reaches epic proportions? A preseason checkup of your heating equipment greatly reduces the worry that you’ll face an unexpected heat pump and furnace repair in the middle of the winter season.

Heat Pump and Furnace Maintenance Ensures Consistent Heating

Airflow issues rank high on the list of common HVAC problems. Hot and cold spots, overworked equipment, and weak output from your vents all stem from inadequate airflow or pressure imbalance. Prepping your heating system for cold weather identifies potential problems such as an old blower motor, leaky air ducts, and an uncalibrated thermostat. When the pros at Fontenot’s Cooling & Heating inspect your heat pump or furnace, you’ll always get the best from your heating system.

Preserves Energy Efficiency

Well-maintained heating equipment consumes less energy and runs more efficiently than neglected equipment. With heating accounting for about 42% of your utility bill, efficiency is important. Your heat pump worked hard to keep you cool this past summer; your furnace has been sitting idle the last six months during the off-season. Fall heat pump and furnace maintenance ensures that your equipment is clean and lubricated, without worn-out parts that could lead to a surprise heat pump or furnace repair.

To learn more about how heat pump and furnace maintenance can improve your winter season, check out our HVAC maintenance services or call (337) 706-9469.

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