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Here in Louisiana, we depend on our air conditioners for most of the year, and one important component of any air conditioner is the condensate line. Checking the condensate line is an important part of air conditioning maintenance. Read on to find out why.

What is a Condensate Line?

As your air conditioner cools your home, it also removes moisture from the indoor air. That moisture needs to drain out of the air conditioner in order to prevent damage to the unit. Your air conditioner collects moisture in a drain pan under the evaporator coil and uses the condensate line to drain the accumulated moisture to the ground under the outdoor unit. As such, if you don’t see moisture draining out while your air conditioner is running, there may be a clog along the line.

Why do Condensate Line Clogs Matter?

At minimum, a clog is going to severely impact the efficiency of your air conditioner, causing your utility bills to rise. However, the effects of a condensate line clog can go far beyond energy efficiency. Water building up inside the unit can cause your air conditioner to freeze up or even destroy the unit. In addition, water leaking from the drain pan can cause electrical shorts. An overflowing drain pan can also damage drywall and flooring.

Furthermore, a clogged pipe causes water to accumulate in the drain pan, which is a breeding ground for hazardous microbes. If the clog is not fixed, contaminated air will start to circulate throughout your home, which can cause significant indoor air quality issues. Polluted air can cause headaches, nausea, eye and throat irritations and respiratory problems.

Invest in Air Conditioner Maintenance

Condensate line clogs are a major reason why it’s so important to have your air conditioner or heat pump professionally maintained. To learn more, check out our maintenance solutions or call (337) 706-9469.

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