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The heat and humidity in Acadiana can be brutal. Effective cooling requires an air conditioner that’s primed for high performance. These simple best practices can help your AC beat the heat:

AC Maintenance Is Essential

Lack of maintenance is responsible for most AC repairs. Dirty buildup can harm your system and pollute indoor air. Maintenance includes an in-depth cleaning and equipment inspection to identify and address vulnerabilities. Your condensation line will be cleared of obstructions that could cause water to back up into your system. Your equipment will be tested and calibrated to ensure proper and safe operation.

Never Ignore HVAC Filter Changes

A dirty HVAC filter has been the downfall of many an air conditioner. Filters should be checked every 30 days and replaced when you can’t see the filter through the dirt. Filters generally need replacement every 30 to 90 days. The more people, pets, and activity in your home, the more often you’ll need a new filter.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

With today’s thermostat technology, HVAC systems can be set to automatically maintain different indoor temperatures at different times. Save up to 10 percent on energy costs by programming this device to reduce heating and cooling output for eight hours per day.

Use Ceiling Fans to Help AC

Ceiling fans move cool air to create a wind chill effect against your skin that makes you feel cooler. The breeze that fans create can also reduce indoor humidity by causing moisture in the air to evaporate.

Close the Curtains

Up to 76 percent of solar energy that contacts your windows penetrates your home as heat. Window treatments can reduce heat gain, but the amount depends on the type of window coverings used.

At Fontenot’s Air Conditioning & Heating, we understand the ins and outs of keeping our customers cool. Call us at (337) 706-9469 If your air conditioning isn’t keeping you cool.

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