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Now that spring has officially arrived, summer is only a step behind. Spring is the perfect time to devote a little TLC to your AC unit or heat pump and getting it ready for the heat and humidity of an Acadiana, LA summer.

Reasons to Schedule An AC Tune-up or Heat Pump Maintenance

Ensuring your family’s comfort is a pretty good reason to get a spring tune-up, but there is also a practical reason why it makes sense. Regular maintenance saves you money.

A spring checkup is the best time to find and fix problems. It’s much better to make a small repair in the spring than to need a major one when temperatures are soaring. Regular maintenance also keeps your air conditioner or heat pump running efficiently. An efficient AC unit means less energy consumption, and less energy consumption means lower fuel bills.

Get A Jump on Your Summer Comfort

Spring is the ideal time to schedule an AC tune-up or heat pump maintenance for several reasons. First, you never know when summer temperatures will arrive in Acadiana, and you want to be ready if they creep up on you early. Second, with winter all but over, we tend to get fewer calls for heating repair. Being an early bird with your AC or heat pump maintenance means you can avoid the summer scheduling crunch.

Third, early season maintenance means that you have time to react if you discover that your AC unit has a major problem. If you’re facing a costly AC repair or, worst-case scenario, need a replacement system, you still have time to consider your options and plan your budget before the summer heat fully hits Acadiana.

Summer’s on its way, and we want you to be prepared. To learn more about how an AC tune-up can help you get ready, check out the maintenance services we offer at Fontenot’s Heating & Cooling or call us at (337) 706-9469.

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