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It’s time for an upgrade. While your conventional household thermostat is capable of doing its job, an updated thermostat can give you more control over your indoor temperatures. The technology integrated within a smart thermostat allows you to effortlessly create an efficient heating or cooling schedule. The programmable smart technology can keep track of your preferences as well.

Save Money By Using Less Energy With A Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are designed to be energy efficient. The device has the ability to keep your home or space at lower temperatures for extended periods of time while you’re away from home. This can help with lowering your bills. Since you have full control of your thermostat, you can input a heating or cooling schedule for your device to follow. While you’re away, the thermostat will maintain a temperature that doesn’t require high energy usage.

You Can Control It Using Your Phone or Other Smart Devices

Some brands, like Nexia, have thermostats that can connect to your smart phone. If you ever forget to make adjustments before leaving home, you can access your thermostat system with a few taps on your phone. You can connect the thermostat to any compatible piece of technology like a tablet or laptop.

You Can Keep Track Of Your Usage

If you’re curious about how much or how little energy you’re using, you can check the thermostat’s energy report. Some Nexia thermostats can create reports that will provide you with advice or tips on how to cut back and enhance energy efficiency.

If you’re still unsure about installing a smart thermostat, you can rely on the experts at Fontenot’s Air Conditioning & Heating to provide you with more insight about upgrading your thermostat or home system. If you have a few basic questions, you can find some quick answers on the FAQ page. For all other inquiries, please give us a call.

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